R. Stanton Avery Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Environmental Science and Engineering

California Institute of Technology

Office: 126 Linde Laboratory

Lab: B200 Linde Laboratory

Contact info: 

      Phone: 626 395 2447


     snailmail: MC131-24; 1200 E. California Blvd.; Pasadena, CA 91125

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My research group studies atmospheric photochemistry and the terrestrial carbon cycle.

Carbon Cycle Science.

We have created the Total Carbon Column Observing Network (TCCON) to measure the distribution of greenhouse gases across the globe. This activity was organized in partnership with colleagues from around the world and with NASA's Obiting Carbon Observatory satellite program. You can learn more about our efforts and what we are learning about the carbon cycle on the wennberg lab website

Oxidative Chemistry of the Troposphere

In the laboratory and in the field, we are studying the oxidative chemistry of atmospheric trace gases. The aim of this work is to better elucidate the coupling of radiation, climate, and chemistry in the troposphere. This work is enabled by our development of new mass spectroscopy methods for airborne, ground-based, and laboratory measurements of acids, peroxides and oxygenated volatile organic compounds.

Through these studies, we are working to understand the evolution in time and space of the trace gas composition of the atmosphere. This includes investigations of the oxidative chemistry of the atmosphere and how this chemistry is influenced by and in turn influences the biosphere. An important component of this research effort is to understand the influence of anthropogenic activity, including biomass burning, on the global atmosphere.  You can learn more about this work on the wennberg lab website

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