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*student advised, #postdoc advised, ^equal contribution

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Submitted Publications

[68] JWST Transiting Exoplanet Community Early Release Science Team (2022), Identification of carbon dioxide in an exoplanet atmosphere, submitted to Nature

[67] #Mario Damiano, Renyu Hu, et al. (2022), A transmission spectrum of the sub-Earth planet L98-59 b in 1.1 – 1.7 μm, submitted to AJ

[66] Christopher D. Parkinson, Stephen W. Bougher, Franklin P. Mills, Renyu Hu, Guillaume Gronoff, Jiazheng Li, Amanda Brecht, and Yuk L. Yung (2022), Venus as an Exoplanet: I. An Initial Exploration of the 3-D Energy Balance for a CO2 Exoplanetary Atmosphere Around an M-Dwarf Star, submitted to J. Geophys. Res. Planets (arXiv:2205.10958)

[65] Emily A. Whittaker, … Renyu Hu, et al. (2022), The Detectability of Rocky Planet Surface and Atmosphere Composition with JWST: The Case of LHS 3844b, submitted to ApJ (arXiv:2207.08889)

[64] Robert A. West, Philip Dumont, Renyu Hu, Vijay Natraj, James Breckinridge, and Pin Chen (2022), Spectropolarmetry as a Means to Address Cloud Composition and Habitability for a Cloudy Exoplanetary Atmosphere in the Habitable Zone, submitted to ApJ

[63] Stefan Martin, … Renyu Hu, et al. (2022), ATSA- A Next Generation Active Telescope for Space Astronomy, submitted to Journal of Astronomical Telescopes, Instruments, and Systems

Refereed Publications

[62] Steffen Buessecker, Hiroshi Imanaka, Tucker Ely, Renyu Hu, Stephen J. Romaniello, and Hinsby Cadillo-Quiroz (2022), Marine mineral-catalyzed NO and N2O formation on the anoxic early EarthNature Geoscience, in press (EarthArxiv: n6tv2)

[61] #Mario Damiano and Renyu Hu (2022), Reflected spectroscopy of small planets II: characterization of terrestrial exoplanetsAJ, 163, 299

[60] Renyu Hu and *Trent Thomas (2022), A nitrogen-rich atmosphere on ancient Mars consistent with isotopic evolution modelsNature Geoscience, 15, 106

[59] Jiazheng Li, Jonathan H. Jiang, Huanzhou Yang, Dorian S. Abbot, Renyu Hu, Thaddeus D. Komacek, Stuart J. Bartlett, and Yuk L. Yung (2022), Rotation Period Detection for Earth-like Exoplanets, AJ, 163, 27

[58] Caprice L. Phillips, Ji Wang, Sarah Kendrew, Thomas P. Greene, Renyu Hu, Jeff Valenti, Wendy R. Panero, and Joseph Schulze (2021), Detecting Biosignatures in the Atmospheres of Gas Dwarf Planets with the James Webb Space Telescope, ApJ, 923, 144

[57] #Mario Damiano and Renyu Hu (2021), Reflected spectroscopy of small exoplanets I: determining the atmospheric composition of sub-Neptune planets, AJ, 162, 200

[56] Renyu Hu#Mario Damiano, #Markus Scheucher, Edwin Kite, Sara Seager, and Heike Rauer (2021)Unveiling shrouded oceans on temperate sub-Neptunes via transit signatures of solubility equilibria vs. gas thermochemistryApJ Letters, 921, L8

[55] Renyu Hu (2021), Photochemistry and Spectral Characterization of Temperate and Gas-Rich Exoplanets, ApJ, 921, 27

[54] *Danica Adams, … Renyu Hu, and Yuk Yung (2021), Nitrogen Fixation on Early MarsAstrobiology, 21, 8

[53] *Eva L. Scheller, Bethany Ehlmann, Renyu Hu, *Danica Adams, and Yuk Yung (2021), Long-Term Drying of Mars by Sequestration of Ocean-Scale Volumes of Water in the CrustScience, 372, 56

[52] Michael Zhang, Heather A. Knutson, Lile Wang, Fei Dai, Antonija Oklopčić, and Renyu Hu (2021), No Escaping Helium from 55 Cnc e, AJ, 161, 181

[51] Andrew Romero-Wolf, … Renyu Hu, et al. (2021), Starshade Rendezvous: Exoplanet Orbit Constraints from Multi-Epoch Direct Imaging, Journal of Astronomical Telescopes, Instruments, and Systems, 7, 021219

[50] Renyu Hu, Sergi R. Hildebrandt, #Mario DamianoStuart Shaklan, Stefan Marti, and Doug Lisman (2021), Starshade Exoplanet Data Challenge, Journal of Astronomical Telescopes, Instruments, and Systems, 7, 021216

[49] Andrew Romero-Wolf, … Renyu Hu, et al. (2021), Starshade Rendezvous: Exoplanet Sensitivity and Observing StrategyJournal of Astronomical Telescopes, Instruments, and Systems, 7, 021210

[48] Renyu Hu, Doug Lisman, Stuart Shaklan, Stefan Martin, Phil Willems, and Kendra Short (2021), Overview and Reassessment of Noise Budget of Starshade Exoplanet Imaging, Journal of Astronomical Telescopes, Instruments, and Systems, 7, 021205

[47] #Mario Damiano, Renyu Hu, and Sergi Hildebrandt (2020), Multi-orbital-phase and Multiband Characterization of Exoplanetary Atmospheres with Reflected Light Spectra, AJ, 160, 206

[46] Sukrit Ranjan, … Renyu Hu (2020), Photochemistry of Anoxic Abiotic Habitable Planet Atmospheres: Impact of New H2Cross-Sections, ApJ, 896, 148

[45] #Mario Damiano and Renyu Hu (2020), ExoREL-R: A Bayesian Inverse Retrieval Framework for Exoplanetary Reflected Light SpectraAJ, 159, 175

[44] Renyu Hu, *Luke Peterson, and Eric T. Wolf (2020), O2-Dominated Atmospheres for Potentially Habitable Environments on TRAPPSIT-1 PlanetsApJ, 888, 122

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[40] Renyu Hu and *Héctor Delgado Diaz (2019), Stability of Nitrogen in Planetary Atmospheres in Contact with Liquid WaterApJ, 886, 126

[39] Megan Mansfield, Edwin S. Kite, Renyu Hu, et al. (2019), Identifying Atmospheres on Rocky Exoplanets through Infrared High Albedo, ApJ, 886, 141

[38] Laura Kreidberg, ^Daniel Koll, ^Caroline Morley, ^Renyu Hu, et al. (2019), Absence of a Thick Atmosphere on the Terrestrial Exoplanet LHS 3844b, Nature, 573, 87

[37] Jonathan Jiang, Xuan Ji, Nicholas Cowan, Renyu Hu, and Zonghong Zhu (2019), Empirical Predictions for the Period Distribution of Planets to be Discovered by the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, AJ, 158, 96

[36] Renyu Hu (2019), Predicted Diurnal Variation of the Deuterium to Hydrogen Ratio in Water at the Surface of Mars Caused by Mass Exchange with the Regolith, Earth Planet Sci Lett, 519, 192

[35] #Yui Kawashima, Renyu Hu, and Masahiro Ikoma (2019), Detectable Molecular Features above Hydrocarbon Haze via Transmission Spectroscopy with JWST: Case Studies of GJ 1214b, GJ 436b, HD 97658b, and Kepler-51b, ApJ Letters, 876, L5

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[25] Edward Schwieterman, ... Renyu Hu, et al. (2018), Exoplanet Biosignatures: A Review of Remotely Detectable Signs of Life, Astrobiology, 18, 663

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Reports, White Papers, Book Chapters, and Conference Proceedings

[21] Isaac Smith, … Renyu Hu, et al. (2021), Solar-System-Wide Significance of Mars Polar Science, White paper to the Planetary Science and Astrobiology Decadal Survey 2023-2032 (BAAS, 53, 301)

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Renyu Hu (2013), Atmospheric Photochemistry, Surface Features, and Potential Biosignature Gases of Terrestrial Exoplanets, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Doctoral Dissertation

Renyu Hu (2009), Evolution of MHD Voids, Formation of Magnetars, and Observations of Geo-Magnetospheric Reconnections, Tsinghua University Honors Master Thesis

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