This page is really just here to provide links to other places:

  • My research interests are described on the MAGMA website (or will be soon). That site now hosts the download page and forum for alphaMELTS, our flexible text-menu based front-end to the MELTS, pMELTS, and pHMELTS models (formely adiabat_1ph).
  • Ed Stolper's mantle melting page describes a couple of the binary phase diagram movies that I made. An interactive movie server (beta) which allows the user to pick movies from many different binary systems, with a variety of plot types etc. is available at the MAGMA website.
  • Igor and my, now rather old, wedding website is at
  • For more recent family photos, including our young sons, please e-mail me and I'll send you the links. Or get in touch via facebook.