Yearbook was one of the biggest adventures of my life. Twelve years of proofing spreads, editing photos, and catching typos didn't just add up to amazing books, but to unforgettable memories. My time on yearbook has given me so much: a chance to be a leader and face exceptional challenges; a passion for journalism, photography, and design; an admiration for business operations; an appreciation for living in the moment; and the friendship of many incredible, incomparable people.

The days are long...

...but the years are short.


the big t

I spent six years with The Big T, Caltech's official yearbook. As a graduate student, my role was amorphous: editorial consultant, design guru, cheerleader, writer-in-a-pinch, photographer at large. During my time on staff, the yearbook transformed from a low-quality, black-and-white photo scrapbook that was completely designed out-of-house to a journalistic production that was built, cover-to-cover, by students at Caltech.

blue & gold


The Blue & Gold is UC Berkeley's award-winning yearbook, and I am proud to have served as its Editor-in-Chief (twice), Managing Editor, and Copy Editor during my college years. It was an enormous privilege to have been a steward of this tradition of journalistic excellence; it was an even greater honor to have played a role in keeping the organization viable during tumultuous times. Few things make me happier than knowing that this fully student-run organization is thriving, now more than ever, by the Bay.


Between all the protests and performances, classes and exams, games and rallies, remember to stop and stare at those rose-petaled sunbursts of life.


A photo of a photo editor taking a photo of a photo editor taking a photo of her.

Hunting squirrels for sport is a time-honored tradition for B&G photographers. These fearless little critters are almost Cal's second mascot. They're notorious for being bolder and fatter than your garden variety squirrel, and for attacking unsuspecting frosh.


Big Game week lights burn through the darkness ahead of the annual football clash with rival Stanford, effusing Berkeley with an ethereal blue and gold spirit. Fiat lux.



There is a universal rule: you can never get too many shots of the Campanile. There is a universal challenge: can you get a shot of the Campanile that no one has ever seen before?


At this reunion: 3 EICs, 2 BOMs, 2 Photo Editors, 2 Fulfillment Managers, 2 Athletics Editors, 2 Queens of Fun.


Each November, students file into the Greek Theatre for the Bonfire Rally, one of UC Berkeley's most sacrosanct traditions.

the olympian

My first yearbook adventure—coming soon!

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