When we first made lilahbrown.com, we were simply trying to find a simple way for far flung relatives to get easy access to pictures and a few stories (in addition to looking for a way to keep her Dad occupied while he was at home for a few months). It never occured to us that her web site would be stumbled upon by people all over the world and it occured even less that people would write the very sweet letters that they did. Here is a selection of our favorite letters to Lilah:

 Hello Lilah,
Someone had to welcome you from Orcas Island. It
is a really cool place that you will get to visit
someday (right mom and dad?). I see Briana has givin
you the skinny on the family, but I have inside
information on all of them so when you are old enough
give me a call. Also, dare I say I think you look
like grandma Judy (that should score some brownie
points). Oh, Brianna is right, you need to watch out
for your grandma Judy.
Love and Blessings to you!

P.S. Very cool thing about the planet and all!

Dear Lilah,
My daughter Lila and I are very excited about the possibility of a
planet named "Lila." My Lila is 10 years old, and most of the other Lilas
that we have met are more of a grandmotherly age. The word "Lila" in
Hebrew means "night." I think Lila would be a very appropriate name for
a very dark planet (that never sleeps--a word to Lilah's parents: my
Lila follows the meaning of her name and LOVES staying up at night).
You are a beautiful baby, and resemble my Lila a lot. Have a wonderful
life, and scream really loudly when any name but "Lila" is proposed for
your dad's planet.
Best wishes, Jenni

Hi, Lilah.

I'm from Birmingham, England.I was just reading about your Daddy's new planet when I came across your website. It's amazing to look at your statistics. No wonder new parents are so tired !
 I particularly liked the tale of the kitty litter !
Hope you have a peaceful day.

Little Lilah-

It was so great to finally meet you! Your pictures did not do you
justice! Your daddy is very silly (and nerdy!) and keeps all sorts of
information about you on your website, but I love it cause I get to know what you
are doing at all hours of the day and night! You must promise to take good
care of your parents because they took very good care of me!

Much love,

Dear Lilah:
I have to confess that every morning, after I turn on my computer, check for the latest news, and look at the latest raw images from MER and Cassini, I turn my browser next to planetlila to see whether you've been a good girl and let your parents sleep or not. I sure hope you'll have a sense of humor about this website when you're thirteen.
To Mike: I've always imagined I'd take these kinds of data on future babies of my own...thanks for keeping it up.
Go to sleep... go to sleep...
With regards and best wishes, Emily

Dear little Lilah:
Welcome to a very strange and beautiful world….
Your photographs are lovely, and your father’s plottings of your meals and sleep, testaments to his love. (I threw my parents a curve ball—I have no circadian rhythms. Try not to do this to your parents.)
Whatever that hunk of rock out in the distance ends up having for a name, to some of us, it’ll always be yours….
Regards, WTT

hey lilah!!!!
i just wanted to give the heads up about your new family. My sister can seem nice but she isn't really. But your parents are really nice. you should be nice to them in the future. i should know. I've seen what talking back to your parents does or being mean to them. I see it from my sister and a little bit of me. well any way. Grandpa Arnold is really cool. He is the nicest guy. Grandma Judy on the other hand, you have to watch out for her especially when its april fools day. she is very bad. Aunt Linda is very nice. just be nice to her and she will probaly give you a little something something. When you get older i will give you all of the fashion tips you will ever need. also i will give you help on how to deal with your parents.
your #1 cousin,

Hello Lilah, Welcome to Earth!
 We really appreciate your generosity in letting your Daddy spend time with us on Friday, July 29, to share the news about discovering a new planet with reporters across the country and around the world. Your Daddy confessed that, even though finding a planet is exciting, having a new baby girl is even more thrilling. He was really tired on Friday. He said you're not letting him get much sleep, and I can see why when I look at the data charts on his website. Please pass on a special thank you to your Mommy, who probably could have used Daddy at home to help during the time we had him at JPL for media interviews. Your Mommy even had to dash over to bring Daddy a nice shirt for interviews, because he wasn't planning to have big planet news come out on Friday. He was so tired, he left some documents on my desk Friday evening. When I called him at home to tell him and asked how he was doing, he said, "Everything is fine now. I'm holding Lilah on my lap." I saw the adorable pictures of you online. I know you'll grow up to be smart and beautiful and capable and nice, just like your Mommy and Daddy.
With my best wishes, Jane

Dear Lilah’s dad, Mike (and mum too, of course!),
Congratulations on an exciting July 2005! As we too have recently become parents for the first time we know full well what an exciting (yet sleep-deprived) time you must be having…that with the announcement of 2003 UB313 must have been an unforgettable month. I am a physics teacher here in the UK, and I have just set my class the task of finding out about this new astronomical body, and to argue the case for whether there are now 10 planets, or 8. I was fascinated (and rather pleased) to THEN read your articles on the same question! I have no doubt these will be of interest to my students. I will post a link (if that’s OK) to these articles in the assignment I have sent them (some holiday work, you understand!). Keep up the good work, and here to a good night’s sleep (we are getting them now…it does come with time!) James and Christine Rouse (plus Eloise)

Hi Lilah:
 I clicked a link about a new planet in a NASA news email. I found a link to your picture. The planet is exciting but you are stealing the show.
Welcome to the world!
Ann H.

 Dear sweet little lady, LILAH BINNEY BROWN,
A very warm welcome to this world. You have come to this planet at a time when your father has claimed the discovery of a 10th planet, a new member of our solar system. You are most welcome. I also saw your elegant snaps on the websit. You are really very cute.
With best wishes.
PATNA-800 001.

Hi Lila (or Lila's Dad and Mom),
I stumbled on this website through some browsing related to the current excitement over the possible 10th planet. I see that you were born on July 7th...That's my birthday too! Except, I was born July 7th, 1985, so I'm considerably older than you :-)
Anyways, I felt compelled to say hello.
You're lucky to have a Dad who can give you planets...:-)

welcome, lilah! and don't worry, your father will figure out soon that you're not supposed to be worried about them at all right now, you'll be doing plenty of that when they are in their late 60's, if not sooner, hopefully not. ... so, hang in there with your dad, i think he's a good guy. i am sure he'll have you doing math before you're two and calculus before you hit kindergarten, what can you do? it's kind of a nasty world right now, but there are safe pockets, and caltech appears to be one, so you're in a good place. have a very good saturn day!
blessings, anna

Welcome to the world, Lilah.
I've been here just over 9 months now, and my Dad, also an astronomer, says that the sleep gets better in time, though Mum may have a different opinion (Dad's about to be interviewed by the BBC here in the UK about your Dad's discovery of a new planet!). I look forward to seeing your progress on your new website.
Clear skies Bryher

Dear Lilah:
You look very cute. However, you do not appear to be getting enough sleep. Please try to sleep more. Also, ask your father to name a planet after you rather than, say, a TV show star (even if she is a Kiwi), a fat man with a white beard or an Iniut God. I hope to meet you some day!

Dear Lilah,
You are beautiful and you have a beautiful name. Susan