Michael E. Brown

Professor of Planetary Astronomy
Division of Geological
and Planetary Sciences

California Institute of Technology

The dwarf planet page

All about Eris, the largest (and most massive) dwarf planet

The eight planets: an explanation

(including "Why does Neptune count?")

Get the slides from Mike's public talk on Pluto and Eris

Thoughts on the planet debate

A Requiem for Xena

Find out about 2003 EL61

  A rapidly spinning Pluto-sized football-shaped ice-coated deformed rock in the outer solar system with a family of icy debris around it

Find out about Sedna

The most distant object known in the solar system and the first of a new class of objects beyond the Kuiper belt

Find out about Orcus

Pluto's slightly smaller twin!

Find out about Quaoar

  At the time, the largest object found in the solar system since Pluto's discovery in 1930, but now dwarfed by all of the above

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