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PAPERS (pdf version)

Rae, J.W.B., Burke, A., Robinson, L.F., Adkins, J.F., Chen, T., Cole, C., Li, T., Littley, E., Nita, D.C., Stewart, J., and Taylor, B. (2018) CO2 storage in the deep Southern Ocean on millennial to centennial timescales.  In press at Nature.

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Rennie, V., Paris, G., Sessions, A., Abramovich, S., Turchyn, A.V., and Adkins, J.F. (2018) A new Cenozoic record of seawater δ34S from foraminiferal calcite.  Nature Geoscience, doi: 10.1038/s41561-018-0200-y, (pdf)

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Studer, A., Sigman , D., Martinez-Garcia, A., Thöle, L., Michel, E., Jaccard, S., Lippold, J., Mazaud, A., Wang, X., Robinson, L., Adkins, J.F. and Haug, G. (2018) Increase in Southern Ocean surface nutrients may explain the Holocene atmospheric CO2 rise. Nature Geoscience, doi: 10.1038/s41561-018-0191-8. (pdf)

Torres, M.A, Paris, G., Adkins, J.F., and Fischer, W.W. (2018) A riverine perspective on Earth’s early sulfur cycle.  Nature Geosciences, doi: 10.1038/s41561-018-0184-7. (pdf)

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Gothmann, A.M., Stolarski, J., Bender, M.L., Adkins, J.F., and Higgins, J.A. (2017)  A Cenozoic record of seawater Mg isotopes in well-preserved fossil corals.  Geology, 45, 1039-1042. (pdf)

McConnell, J.R., et al. (2017) Synchronous volcanic eruption and abrupt climate change ~17.7k years ago plausibly linked by stratospheric ozone depletion.  PNAS, 114, 10035-10040. (pdf)

Lechleitner, F.A., Breitenbach, S.F.M., Cheng, H., Plessen, B., Rehfeld, K., Goswami, B., Marwan, N., Eroglu, D., Adkins, J.F., and Haug, G. (2017) Climatic and in-cave influences on δ18O and δ13C in a stalagmite from northeastern India Through the last deglaciation.  Quaternary Research, 88, 458-471. (pdf)

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Subhas, A.V., Adkins, J.F., Rollins, N.E., Erez, J., and Berelson, W.M. (2017) Catalysis and chemical mechanisms of calcite dissolution in seawater.  PNAS, 114, 8175-8180. (pdf)

Sim, M.S., Paris, G., Adkins, J.F., Orphan, V.J., and Session, A.L. (2017)  Quantification and sulfur isotope analysis of intracellular metabolites in the dissimilatory sulfate reduction pathway. GCA, 206, 57-72. (pdf)

Wilson, D.J., van de Flierdt, T., and Adkins, J.F. (2017) Lead isotopes in deep-sea coral skeletons: ground-truthing and a first deglacial Southern Ocean record.  GCA, 204, 350-374. (pdf)

Wang, X.T., Maria G. Prokopenko, M.G., Sigman, D.M., Adkins, J.F., Robinson, L.F., Hines, S.K., Chai, J., and Haug, G.H. (2017) Deep-sea coral evidence for lower surface nitrate concentrations across the Antarctic Circumpolar Current during the last ice age. PNAS, 114, 3352-3357. (pdf)

Lee, J.-M., Eltgroth, S., Boyle, E.A., and Adkins, J.F. (2017) The transfer of bomb radiocarbon and anthropogenic Pb to the deep North Atlantic Ocean observed from a deep sea coral. EPSL, 458, 223-232. (pdf)

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Meshulam, A., Ellis, G.S., Said-Ahmad, W., Deev, A., Sessions, A.L., Tang, Y., Adkins, J.F., Jinzhong, Gilhooly, W.P., III, L., Aizenshtat, Z., and Amrani, A. (2016) Study of thermochemical sulfate reduction mechanism using compound specific sulfur isotope analysis.  GCA, 188, 73-92. (pdf)

Raven, M.R., Sessions, A., Fischer, W., and Adkins, J.F. (2016) Sedimentary pyrite d34S differs from porewater sulfide in Santa Barbara Basin: proposed role of organic sulfur.  GCA, 186, 120-134. (pdf)

Gothmann, A.M., Bender, M.L., Blättler, C.L., Swart, P.K., Giri, S.J., Adkins, J.F., Stolarski, J., and Higgins, J.S. (2016)  Calcium isotopes in scleractinian fossil corals since the Mesozoic: implications for vital effects and biomineralization through time. EPSL, 444, 205-214. (pdf)

Struve, T., van de Flierdt, T., Robinson, L.F., Bradtmiller, L., Hines, S.K., Adkins, J.F., Lambelet. M., Crocket, K.C., Kreissig, K., Coles, B. and Auro, M.E. (2016)  Neodymium isotope analyses after combined extraction of actinide and lanthanide elements from seawater and deep-sea coral aragonite. Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., 17, 232–240, doi:10.1002/2015GC006130. (pdf)

Chen, S., Hoffmann, S., Lund, D.C., Cobb, K.M., Emile-Geay, J., and Adkins, J.F. (2016) A High-resolution Speleothem Record of Western Equatorial Pacific Rainfall: Implications for Holocene ENSO Evolution.  EPSL, 442, 61-71. (pdf)

Carolin, S.A., Cobb, K,M,. Lynch-Stieglitz, J.L., Moerman, J.W., Lejau, S., Malang, J., Clark, B., Tue, A., and Adkins, J.F. (2016) Borneo stalagmites reveal wetern tropical Pacific hydroclimate variability across MIS 5 and 6.  EPSL, 439, 182-193. (pdf)

•Present, T., Paris, G., Burke, A., Fischer, W and Adkins, J.F. (2015) Large Carbonate Associated Sulfate isotopic variability between brachiopods, micrite, and other sedimentary components in Late Ordovician-age strata.  EPSL, 432, 187-198. (pdf)

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Subhas, A., Rollins, N.E., Berelson, W.M., Dong, S., Erez, J. and Adkins, J.F. (2015) Novel Determination of the Dissolution Kinetics of Inorganic Calcite in Seawater. GCA, 170, 51-68. (pdf)

Greenwood, P.F., Amrani, A., Sessions, A., Grice, K., Holman, A., Raven, M.R., Dror, G., McCulloch, M.T., Adkins, J.F. (2015) Development and Initial Biogeochemical Applications of Compound Specific d34S analysis. In ‘Principles and Practice of Analytical Techniques in Geosciences. Ed. Kliti Grice, Royal Society of Chemistry, RSC Detection Sceince Series No. 4, 285-312. (pdf)

Revels, B.N., Ruifeng, Z., Adkins, J.F., and John, S., (2015) Fractionation of iron isotopes during leaching of natural particles by various acidic and circumneutral leaches and development of an optimal leach for marine labile particulate iron. GCA, 166, 92-104. (pdf)

Burke, A., Stewart, A.L., Adkins, J.F., Ferrari, R.M., Jansen, M.F., and Thompson, A.F. (2015) The glacial mid-depth radiocarbon bulge and its implications for the overturning circulation.  Accepted at Paleoceanography, 30, 1021–1039, doi:10.1002/2015PA002778. (pdf)

Miller, M.D., Simons, M., Adkins, J.F., and Minson, S. (2015) The information content of pore fluid d18O and [Cl].  JPO, 45, 2070-2094. (pdf)

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Raven, M.R., Sessions, A.L., Adkins, J.F., Werne, J. and Lyons, T. (2015) Sulfur-isotope compositions of individual organic compunds from Cariaco Basin.  Organic Geochemistry, 80, 53-59. (pdf)

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