William E. Leonhard Professor of Mineral Physics
Seismological Laboratory

Jackson's research explores the depths of Earth's underworld: From the central inner core to plume-roots at the core-mantle boundary to deep plumbing architecture underneath active volcanic systems:

*New Results Reveal Surprising Behavior of Minerals Deep in the Earth
(Highlight) (Cordier et al., Nature 2023) (more details)

*The magmatic web beneath Hawai‘i
(Highlight) (Wilding et al., Science 2022)(Movie)

*Single-grain analysis of iron's oxidation state in volcanic amphiboles (Ratchbacher et al. 2023)

*New results on dense hydrous phases: vibrational anisotropy , equation of state of oxyhydroxides and high-pressure phase transitions in hydrous sulfates, with implications for deep hydrogen cycling on Earth and beyond

*Iron-rich (Mg,Fe)O at the CMB: Highly anisotropic with very low wave speeds and viscosity!
(Lai et al. 2022)(Jackson & Thomas 2021)(Dobrosavljevic et al. 2019)
(Reali et al. 2019)(Finkelstein et al. 2018)
*A Pair of Techniques Explores Silicon’s Effect on Earth’s Core Temperature
(APS Highlight)(PDF)(Vasilije's website)

*NASA Balloon Detects California Earthquake –
Next Stop, Venus? (PDF) (Caltech)

*Jennifer's research group (on YouTube!)

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