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Molecular Astrophysics

Ms. Joanna Brown, Astrophysics Graduate Student
Room 16 Robinson, (626)-395-6857

Dr. Klaus Pontoppidan, Hubble Space Telescope Postdoctoral Fellow
Room 160 South Mudd, (626)-395-6962

Ms. Colette Salyk, Planetary Science Graduate Student
Room 158 South Mudd, (626)-395-5888

Atmospheric Chemistry

Mr. Daniel Holland, Chemical Physics Graduate Student
Room 17 Beckman Institute, (626)-395-2946 (lab)

Dr. Mao-Chang Liang, Planetary Science Postdoctoral Fellow (2006 Ph.D. w/Y.L. Yung)
Room 154 South Mudd, (626)-395-6960

Astrochemistry/Cluster Spectroscopy/Light Source Development

Mr. Rogier Braakman, Chemical Physics Graduate Student
Room 17 Beckman Institute, (626)-395-3733 (lab)

Mr. Kevin Cossel, Chemistry Undergraduate Student
Room 17 Beckman Institute, (626)-395-3733 (lab)
Graduating in June 2007, to attend UC Boulder for graduate work

Mr. Matthew Kelley, Chemical Physics Graduate Student
Room 17 Beckman Institute, (626)-395-3733 (lab)

Former Group Members

Dr. Adwin Boogert, Senior Postdoctoral Scholar in Astrophysics
Now on the NASA Herschel Space Telescope Support Staff, IPAC

Ms. Gina Buccolo, Caltech Undergraduate in Planetary Science
Works at Aerospace Corporation, M.S. System Architecture and Engineering (USC)

Dr. Francois Jeanneret, GPS Postdoctoral Scholar
Now works at EPFL, Switzerland (Quantum Cascade lasers)

Dr. Vadym Kapinus, Chemical Physics Graduate Student
Now on the technical staff with Intel Corporation, Portland OR

Ms. Melissa Kelly, Chemical Physics Graduate Student
M.S. degree June 2003

Dr. Jacqueline Kessler-Silacci, Chemical Physics Graduate Student
Now a researcher at SAIC, San Diego

Ms. Karin Oberg, Unergraduate Chemistry Student
Now a graduate student at Leiden University

Dr. Charlie Qi, Planetary Science Graduate Student
Now at the Harvard-Smitsonian Center for Astrophysics

Dr. Thom Rahn, GPS Postdoctoral Scholar
Now in the Earth and Environmental Sciences Division at LANL (NM)

Dr. Susanna Widicus Weaver, Chemical Physics Graduate Student
Now a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Illinois.

Dr. Sheng Wu
Now a Staff Member in the PEER Research Center at Caltech

Dr. Hui Zhang, Graduate Student in Planetary Science (w/P.O. Wennberg)
Now at Applied Materials

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