Problem Sets

Problem Sets

You will need Adobe Acrobat reader 3.0 to view the pdf files.

Week #1: Problem Set One Problem Set One (PDF, 53k)          (Out 05Oct2018, Due 19Oct2018)

Week #3: Problem Set Two Problem Set Two (PDF, 70k)          (Out 21Oct2018, Due 02Nov2018)

Week #5: Problem Set Three Problem Set Three (PDF, 147k)          (Out 01Nov2018, Due 15Nov2018)

Week #7: Problem Set Four Problem Set Four (PDF, 160k)        (Out 15Nov2018, Due 29Nov2018)
            Necessary HITRAN data may be found in tabular form here.

Week #10: Final Report (PDF, 34k)       (12-14Dec2018)

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