Dana E. Anderson

Ph.D. Planetary Science 2019
California Institute of Technology

B.S. Chemistry & Interdisciplinary Physics 2012
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Research Interests

My research interests involve using chemistry to investigate astronomical environments. I am currently using a combination of observations and chemical modeling to explore carbon and nitrogen chemistry in protoplanetary disks. See my research website to learn more about me and my work.


  • Dana E. Anderson, Edwin A. Bergin, Sébastien Maret, and Valentine Wakelam. “New Constraints on the Sulfur Reservoir in the Dense Interstellar Medium Provided by Spitzer Observations of S I in Shocked Gasb” ApJ., 2013, 779(2), 141 (Full Paper).

  • D. E. Anderson, B. L. Ehlmann, O. Forni, S. M. Clegg, A. Cousin, N. H. Thomas, J. Lasue, D. M. Delapp, R. E. McInroy, O. Gasnault, M. D. Dyar, S. Schröder, S. Maurice, and R. C. Wiens. “Characterization of LIBS emission lines for the identification of chlorides, carbonates, and sulfates in salt/basalt mixtures for the application to MSL ChemCam datab” JGR Planets., 2017, 122, 744 (Full Paper).

  • Dana E. Anderson, Edwin A. Bergin, Geoffrey A. Blake, Fred J. Ciesla, Ruud Visser, and Jeong-Eun Lee. “Destruction of Refractory Carbon in Protoplanetary Disksb” ApJ., 2017, 845(1), 13 (Full Paper).