Cam Buzard

Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 2022
California Institute of Technology

B.A. Chemistry 2016
Barnard College

Research Interests

My current project involves using high resolution spectroscopy to investigate the formation mechanisms and current physical properties of hot Jupiters. I am also working on optimizing our technique so that it can be applied to habitable zone exoplanets, specifically those discovered by the upcoming TESS mission.

My full CV can be found here in PDF format.


  • Danielle Piskorz, Cam Buzard, Michael R. Line, Heather A. Knutson, Björn Benneke, Nathan R. Crockett, Alexandra C. Lockwood, Geoffrey A. Blake, Travis S. Barman, Chad F. Bender, Drake Deming, and John A. Johnson, “Ground- and Space-based Detection of the Thermal Emission Spectrum of the Transiting Hot Jupiter KELT-2Ab” AJ., 2018, 156(3), 133 (Full Paper).