Alexandra C. Lockwood

Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2014
         California Institute of Technology

M.S. Planetary Sciences 2010
       California Institute of Technology

B.S. 2007
       University of Maryland College Park

Research Interests

My research interests include all aspects of planetary formation, from the physics and chemistry of protoplanetary disks to evolved exoplanetary systems. I specialize in molecular spectroscopy in the near-IR and its applications, and have principally used the Keck telescope for my thesis research. I am passionate about bringing science to a wider audience, and to this end I started my efforts in outreach at during my graduate tenure. After obtaining my degree at Caltech's June 2014 Commencement, in September 2014 I took up a postdoctoral fellowship in science education and outreach at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in the office of President J.L. Chameau. In Janaury 2015 I transitioned to a more permanent role at KAUST, and am now a Science Specialist for Outreach and Special Initiatives.


  • Alexandra C. Lockwood, John A. Johnson, Chad F. Bender, John S. Carr, Travis Barman, Alexander J.W. Richert, and Geoffrey A. Blake 2014, "Near-IR Direct Detection of Water Vapor in tau Bootis b," The Astrophysical Journal,, 783, L29.

  • Alexandra C. Lockwood, Michael E. Brown, and John Stansberry 2014, "The Size and Shape of the Oblong Dwarf Planet Haumea," Earth, Moon and Planets, 111, 127.

Honors & Awards

  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Program Fellow
    September 2010
  • Graduate Dean's Award for Outstanding Community Service
    June 2014