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Maria Camarca is a planetary science PhD student working on ALMA interferometric imaging of Jupiter’s second largest moon, Callisto. She has also expertise in high-resolution near-infrared spectroscopy of comets.

Zachariah (Zac) Milby is a planetary science PhD student with broad interests in planets and their atmospheres. He's using spectroscopic data from Keck/HIRES to analyze oxygen aurora on Jupiter’s moon Ganymede.

Theresa (Tess) Marlin is a geobiology PhD student. Her research interests include astrobiology, Titan, and the icy Galilean satellites. She is currently studying Titan's clouds, atmosphere, and surface with Keck image and spectroscopy data.

Dr. Alexander (Xander) Thelen is an astronomer interested in the study of planetary atmospheres and surfaces in the millimeter wavelength regime. Dr. Thelen's current research pertains to the chemical composition and dynamics of Titan's atmosphere, and the thermophysical properties of Europa's surface.

Yu Yu Phua is a planetary science PhD student with broad interests in surfaces and geophysics. She is working on thermal modeling of evolved asteroids from high-resolution millimeter observations.

Tina Seeger is a geology PhD student interested in planetary surfaces and how they evolve. She is investigating linear mountain and volcanic features on Io's surface and how they may be influenced by tidal stresses deforming the crust.

Dr. Alex Akins is a member of JPL's Microwave Instrument Science group who specializes in analysis of ground-based radio telescope observations of solar system objects. He was initially working with the group through the JPL Researchers on Campus program, and continues to collaborate on thermal modeling of icy satellite surfaces.

Dr. Amy Hofmann is an isotope geochemist who is working with us on understanding Io's isotopic fractionation processes. She is a JPL scientist collaborating with our group initially through the JPL Researchers on Campus program.
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(Former group member) Saverio Cambioni worked with us as a postdoc; he uses machine-learning models and inverse methods to analyze telescopic and spacecraft data in order to better understand why planetary bodies (planets, asteroids, and moons) are so diverse. He is now a postdoc at MIT.

(Former group member) Dr. Ery Hughes worked with us as a postdoc. She uses experiments, modelling, and natural samples to understand the behaviour of magmatic volatiles in igneous and atmospheric processes and Earth and other bodies - at the moment particularly sulphur and its isotopes during degassing on Earth and Io! She is now working as a Volcanic Fluid Geochemist at GNS Science, New Zealand.
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(Former group member) Ben Cassese worked on spectroscopic observations of the Galilean satellites as a Caltech undergraduate student in Planetary Science and as a post-bacc research assistant. He began his PhD studies in Astronomy at Columbia 2021.

(Former group member) Brandon Rasmussen is interested in hyperspectral imaging and remote sensing. At Caltech he worked on spectral mapping of Mars' surface, as well as on characterizing the effect of Io's volcanic eruptions on Jupiter's extended sodium cloud.