LB3D - A Dense Urban Seismic Network
in Long Beach, CA

In 2011 and 2012, unusual seismic surveys were done in urban Long Beach, Ca. Their purpose was to better define the Long Beach oilfield. The survey was done by NodalSeismic on behalf of Signal Hill Petroleum.

The first phase of the survey occurred in 2011 and consisted of approximately 5300 sensors that recorded continuously for 6 months. The second phase in 2012, used aproximately 2500 sensors to extend the original survey to east, and recorded continuously for 3 months.

Under agreement with Signal Hill Petroleum, these data were made available to Caltech for research on seismic processing and the seismic hazard in the Los Angeles Basin. We have online large portions of the first phase of the survey and all of the second phase. We thank Signal Hill Petroleum for permission to use their data in our research.

Detailed below is the research that we are doing with these data.


The participants in this research project are:


Controlled-Source (Reflection) Survey
Data Description
Earthquake Movies
Micro Slip on a Fault
Ambient Noise Surface Waves - Shallow Velocity
Teleseismic Waves - Deep - Structure
Virtual Source - Ambient Noise Correlation
Reflections- Ambient Noise Correlation

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