ESE 133: Global Atmospheric Circulations (Winter 2019, 2014)

Introduction to the global-scale fluid dynamics of the atmosphere, beginning with an analysis of classical models of instabilities in atmospheric flows and leading to currently unsolved problems. Topics include barotropic Rossby waves and barotropic instability; the quasigeostrophic two-layer model and baroclinic instability; conservation laws for wave quantities and wave-mean flow interaction theory; turbulent fluxes of heat and momentum; geostrophic turbulence; genesis of zonal jets; Hadley cell dynamics.

ESE 130: Atmosphere Dynamics (Fall 2014, 2013, 2015, 2018 Winter 2018, 2017, 2013, 2012)

Introduction to geophysical fluid dynamics of large-scale flows in the atmosphere. Governing equations and approximations that describe these rotation and stratification dominated flows. Topics include: conservation laws, equations of state, geostrophic and thermal wind balance, vorticity and potential vorticity dynamics, shallow water dynamics, atmospheric waves.

ESE 132: Tropical Atmosphere Dynamics (Spring 2012, 2015, 2018)

Phenomenological description of tropical atmospheric circulations at differen scales, and theories or models that capture the underlying fundamental dynamics, starting from the large-scale energy balance and moving down to cumulus convection and hurricanes. Topics to be addressed include: large-scale circulations such as the Hadley, Walker and monsoonal circulations, the intertropical convergence zone, equatorial waves, convectively coupled waves, and hurricanes.

ESE 135: Topics in Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics (Spring 2016, Fall 2016)

A lecture and discussion course on current research in atmosphere and ocean dynamics. Topics covered vary from year to year and may include global circulations of planetary atmospheres, geostrophic turbulence, atmospheric convection and cloud dynamics, wave dynamics and large-scale circulations in the tropics, marine physical-biogeochemical interactions, and dynamics of El NiƱo and the Southern Oscillation.

ESE 134: Boundary layer and Cloud Dynamics (Spring 2013) - with Joao Teixeira

Introduction to the dynamics of clouds and atmospheric boundary layers, from a phenomenological overview of cloud and boundary layer morphologies to closure theories for turbulence and convection. Topics include: similarity theories for neutral and thermally stratified boundary layers; dry convective boundary layers; mixed-layer models; stably stratified boundary layers; moist thermodynamics and stability; stratocumulus and trade-cumulus boundary layers; shallow cumulus convection and deep convection.

ESE/GE 148b: Atmosphere-Ocean circulation (Winter 2010)

Large-scale motion in Earth's atmosphere and oceans. Effect of planetary rotation. Dry and moist convection. Gravity and vorticity waves. Climate models and parameteriziations. Dynamical aspects of El-Nino, global warming, and ozone hole.