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Quantitative geomorphic techniques in Active Tectonics

* Modeling fault scarp and terrace riser degradation to infer age and rate of tectonic processes [Avouac, 1993, Avouac et Peltzer, 1993].

* Using fluvial terraces to infer vertical deformation and rate of thrusting at front of mountain belts [Avouac et al., 1993 ; Lavé et Avouac, 2000; Daeron, et al, 2007; Bernard, et al., 2007; Simoes, et al., 2007a; Simoes, et al., 2007b] . See fig. 1 & 2.


                                    Figure 1 - Using fluvial terrace to infer fold growth


                                    Figure 2 - Folded fluvial terraces along Bagmati river and shortening rate across the MFT

·        Using DEM to infer uplift and erosion rates [Hurtrez et al., 1999].

·        Determination of river incision using hydrological parameters [Lavé and Avouac, 2001; Poisson and Avouac, 2001]. See fig 3.


                        Figure 3 - Incision rates across the Himalaya of central Nepal

·        Geomorphic record of co-seismic deformation, testing the characteristic slip model [Klinger et al., 2000b].

·        Determination of slip rate along the Dead Sea fault from offset geomorphic features [Klinger et al., 2000a].

·        Determining crustal extension and subsidence across the Asal Rift from the deformation of the Fieale volcano [De Chabalier and Avouac, 1994].

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·        Slip rate on the Pallatanga fault (Ecuador) from offset glacial morphology [Winter et al., 1993] .

My main contributions on the subject :

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