Jean-Philippe Avouac photoJean-Philippe Avouac Professor of Geology:Director of the Tectonics Observatory:CaltechCaltech logo

My research aims mainly at understanding better the relationship between crustal deformation, earthquakes, and landscape evolution. I am interested in developing new approaches combined from field observations, satellite imagery, and physically based models. I am particularly interested in orogenic context and am currently involved in research programs in the Himalaya, Taiwan, Tien Shan, and Sumatra.

* Sumatra Plate Boundary Project

* Himalayan Tectonics and Seismicity

* Taiwan Tectonics and Seismicity

* Mechanics of mountain building and the role of surface processes

* Development of a quantitative geomorphic techniques in Active Tectonics

* Deciphering climatic impact in geomorphology

* Measuring deformation from satellite images and aerial photos

* Continental Deformation

* Earthquake precursors and the Sur-Frêtes Experiment

* Mechanics of the seismic cycle

* Tien Shen Tectonics

* Seismic Hazard and seismotectonics, France

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