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Outreach Material

Animations & Graphics

Slow slip events and tremors beneath Cascadia

The earthquake cycle in the Los Angeles basin

The earthquake cycle in the Himalaya:

Earthquakes and tsunami on the Sumatra megathrust:

Mountain building
Fault zone



Involvement in K12 eduction
My collborators and myself regularly give tour to K12 students or visit classrooms. For an extensive description or outreach activities  of the Tectonics Observatory (tour of the TO for kids, presentation in classrooms,…) involving students, postdocs or staff from my group or myself:


Media interviews posted on the web:

TV documentary and interviews:

  • Interviews for History Channel (2012), BBC(2012), Discovery Channel (2009), Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (2009), Television Korea (2006), TF1 (2000, 1997), RFO(1997)
  • Featured in the BBC Earth Science documentary: T

Radio Interviews:

  • France Inter (2010; 2002),  France Culture (2002), France Info (2002), RMC (1998, 1995), RFI(2000), BerKeley Groks(2004),.

Press Release

Interviews in written press:

  • Le Monde (2007), Le Figaro(2008), Pasadena Star News (2008), Earthsky (2008), LA Times (2011)


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