Pictures of snowy owls (Nyctea scandiaca)

These are stolen shamelessly from other sites around the web; where I know the photographer or artist I have given credit and in some cases a link to the artist's website or that of their gallery. Note: Layout of this page now uses Tables.

NEW - Posted March 2014

Go see Project Snowstorm, an effort to track the owls of the 2013 irruption (population burst) returning from incursions surprisingly far south into the United States. More about the project in this NPR story.

NEW - December 2011

Check out the snowy owl entry at the tundra and arctic animals blog, contributed by Belinda Ujagi.

Posted August 2006: Check out SNOWIES, a short film (12 mins) about snowy owls by Elliot Kennerson that is free to view online for anybody. Denver Holt, one of Montana's foremost owl researchers, appears in the film. The film documents an unusually large congregation of owls in northwestern Montana in 2006.

Special Section - Snowy Owls in Ohio, Winter 2001

I received several e-mails and saw some news coverage concerning Snowy Owls turning up outside their usual range in 2001. A good clearing-house for news of Ohio owl sightings, particularly in Clinton County, is kept by Barbara Edwards-Aldrich.

Here are some photos people have sent.

Taken by Todd Kitzler 12/24/2000 in Rossford, Ohio.

These pictures are copyrighted by Bob Atkins of Country Roads Imaging. He has many more photos of this owl that took up residence this winter near his home in Wilmington, Ohio.

There is also a beautiful website with pictures of an owl that took up residence for three months in Clinton, OH, at

Here are links to a couple websites at the Massachusetts Audubon Society's webpage about the Snowy Owl Telemetry Project and Norm Smith, the man who rescues Snowy Owls from Boston's Logan Airport (Thanks to Molly Scheffe for these links).


Dark print

by Philip Greenspun.

By Richard Jackson, much better print than directly below.

Light print, same photo as directly above.

From Finland.

By Richard Jackson, Dark Print.

also by Philip Greenspun.

© Phil Gates MZP 1986

"Eye of the Hunter," by Thomas D. Mangelsen.

by W. Lynch, © Parks Canada; from the Canadian Bird Trends Database website.

From the Vogelstation Osterode in Germany.

From Jamie Stewart's trip to Banks Island, described as "Snowy owl perched on a mound". Not much owl, but check out the geology.

by C.A. Basken.

© Mark Moon Photography.

From the Corel Photo CD, brightened five steps with xv.

I guess I include owls in captivity.

From Finland.

From the Lincoln Park zoo website.

by Stephen Zimic, © 1997.

From L'Union Québécoise pour la Conservation de la Nature.

"Snowy Owl and Granary," by Thomas D. Mangelsen.

by Tom Corvno.

contributed by Kara Peterson

This baby snowy owl, Curly, belongs to Andy Piper, who contributed the picture.

These photos are copyrighted by Bruno and Alain Dumont, who run a French website about the birds of their area of Québec. Don't miss their links page.

Contributed by Konstantin Pismennyi from Ukraine.


Drawings, paintings, etc.

Edited to fix corrupt file.

"Silent Evening," by Ronnie Simon.

This is Audubon's painting.

Computer rendering

A line-drawing from the collection at the Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust.

This is a copy of Audubon's painting by Robert Havell (1793-1878); it resides in the National Gallery of Art.

Painting by Bruce Muir

A Swedish postage stamp.

An iconic page header from the World Conservation Congress in Canada.

This one is available on a T-shirt!

"Amber Gaze," by Carl Brenders (yes, this is a painting, not a photograph).

Logo of a Nordic-Greenland web page, contributed by Voitto Heiskanen.

Something a little different...a reproduction of a painting by Irene Hardwicke Olivieri, in a private collection.

From the Native Translations series by Sue Coleman, available through

Names for the Snowy Owl in other languages:

This collection is interesting in its own right, but also makes an excellent magnet for search engines. People have found this page by searching in English, Latin, Danish, French, Dutch, Finnish, and Swedish. The languages with question marks are cases where I have combined the words for snow or snowy and owl, but there may be a different word for the snowy owl in particular. I appreciate all corrections and additions; mail me. Special characters written in UTF-8 unicode; your browser may not have the fonts to display all of them.

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