Paul Asimow

Caltech Here is my official faculty page at Caltech; read about my research interests.
CV Here's my CV and these are my publications, including links to online PDF reprints. Or, for a reference list with citation data and searchable references and so on, try my ResearcherID page:
MELTS I am a developer and an enthusiastic user of the MELTS algorithm for mineral-liquid equilibrium calculations in natural systems.
MinCalc Speaking of MELTS, here is alphaMELTS, a front-end for flexible melting and crystallization calculations with trace elements, pHMelts water-handling and many other features.
NEW! The comprehensive curriculum in binary and ternary phase equilibria has come alive. It begins with the new binary tutorial and applet. The old applet and tutorials are here. Did you find this useful? Please let me know; we are developing more advanced versions and would love to have community input.
Tree Here is an online family tree. It now includes 2061 relatives. It is for family only -- e-mail paul for the password, look around, and then e-mail him again with corrections or further information.
Ives A recording of the Caltech-Occidental Concert Band playing my arrangment of the last movement of Charles Ives' 2nd symphony. Here is the last minute or so.
Owls Here is my collection of snowy owl pictures.
I decided to start posting my collection of accompaniment parts to flute and piccolo music in midi format. You can play along with them to practice (if you have the sheet music, that is).
HebCal A New, Improved, Hebrew Calendar program! This can tell you the Hebrew date corresponding to any Gregorian date and also knows all the Jewish holidays. Is Hanukah early or late next year?
How to read the Alumni Association Sundial near Winnett Center on the Caltech campus. 10,000 This is my computer playing 10,000 Men of Harvard through a cheesy synthesizer. Some parts I don't know off the top of my head are missing (any snare drummers out there want to fill me in?)

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