Hebrew Calendar

This form provides an interface to hebcal 3.4beta by Danny Sadinoff.
You can input dates or date ranges either in Gregorian or Hebrew form; any date in the Common Era will work (i.e, after Gregorian Year 2 or Hebrew Year 3760). The program will return all the festivals during the specified period. To get a whole year, leave the month blank. To get a whole month, leave the day blank. Or if you don't happen to know that Passover is the 15th of Nisan and so on, you can ask specifically for the dates of various upcoming holidays.

Date(s) of interest

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  • Gregorian date:
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    Options (enabled for single-day queries only, not whole months or years):

    Include the count of the Omer if relevant
    Include the week's Torah portion or Sedra
    Include candlelighting times for city

    To quote the author's disclaimer: This is just a program I wrote one summer. It should not be invested with any sort of halachic authority. Hebcal's candlelighting times are only approximations. If you ever have any doubts about it's times, consult your local halachic authority.