Welcome to the Even Simpler demonstration applet for Binary phase equilibria

The applet appears below but you will probably want either to look at the Instructions (they'll pop up in a new window), if you are already familiar with the basics of phase equilibria, or the Tutorial for a step-by-step introduction to all the concepts involved.

This version illustrates a very simple system with only three phases: two solids (A and B) with limited mutual solubility and a liquid phase. The only reactions are melting of the pure phases and a eutectic. After exploring this system, you can move on to a more complicated example with four phases that includes an invariant point, coincidences, singular points, and peritectics as well.

Very Short Instructions

This applet provides a representation of phase stability relationships in abinary system with up to 4 phases. To play, click on the P-T projection, the panel at upper-left. The applet will compute and display the G-X diagram in the panel at upper-right and isobaric and isothermal sections in the lower panels.Click-and-drag on the P-T panel to zoom in on the defined rectangle.Shift-click on the P-T panel to unzoom back to the starting scale.More info in the Instructions.

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