Circulation of the Antarctic Margins

Numerical and observational studies of boundary currents and gyre circulations occupying the continental shelf/slope and basins surrounding Antarctica

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The Antarctic Circumpolar Current

The ACC permits a true global circulation by connecting different ocean basins. We study the unique coherent structures that feature in the ACC and its impact on Earth's climate system.

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Submesoscale Dynamics

Studies of fluid motions at ocean boundaries that are important mechanisms for nutrient transport, turbulent dissipation and air-sea interactions

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Observational Field Programs

A summary of dedicated field programs to observe ocean dynamics using ship-based hydrography, Lagrangian drifters and autonomous ocean gliders

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Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

Numerical models, observations and laboratory experiments are used to explore the fascinating behavior of fluid motions that are strongly influenced by both stratification and Earth's rotation

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The Global Overturning Circulation

The global overturning circulation (OC) is a complex phenomenon; idealized models of the OC provide dynamic insight into the controls on its strength and its variations across different climates

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