Where are we?

If some of you have been following all our pictures on the journal page, ou might be curious to know where we've been. Below is a picture of our cruise track. It is a little bit messier than we had planned, largely because the sea ice extent has been further north than when we were here in 2007. We have spent time making measurements over the continental shelf and slope, but also making measurements near a big iceberg and deploying and recovering our gliders.

The colored line is the path the JCR has taken up until yesterday. The color indicates the temperature of the water at the surface along our path. The blue curves near the bottom are measures of the sea ice extent as determined from satellites. The thick black lines mark the edge of land and the thin black lines are contours of bathymetry or lines of constant depth. If you look at some of our northern-most tracks you can see sharp changes in sea surface temperature indicative of ocean fronts.

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