Life on the Ship

Starting from the 20th of January we will be posting daily journals and photos of our trip to the Weddell. Follow along with the cruise

Jan 20: Arrival, preparation and setting sail
Written by Ben Webber

Jan 22: Sailing south
Written by Jenny Graham and Chris Brown

Jan 23: Gliders away!
Written by Andy Thompson

Jan 24: Into the ice
Written by Alan Jamieson

Jan 25: Antarctica and penguins
Written by Celine Heuze

Jan 27: In the lee of an iceberg
Written by Damien Guihen

Jan 28: A little science
Written by Bastien Queste

Jan 29: Exploration 100 years on
Written by Herbert Huppert

Jan 30: Filtering day and night
Written by Daniel Kaufman and Jill Peloquin

Feb 1: To the bottom of the ocean
Written by Sunke Schmidtko

Feb 2: Let the fun begin
Written by Karen Heywood