This is where I've posted all the other useful stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else. Links are below.

Excel Files:

Background correctionAn Excel spreadsheet that will calculate a blank-corrected delta value, and the uncertainty in that value due to uncertainties in measurements of both sample and blank. Based on the equations outlined by John Hayes in his Practice and Principles manuscript.

Isotopic mixing. Similar to the one above, this is an excel spreadsheet that will calculate mixing in a 2-component system where the isotope ratios of each endmember are known. It also calculates the uncertainty in the mixing fraction, which is its real value. Based on the equations outlined by John Hayes in his Practice and Principles manuscript.

D-enriched waterA common chore in my lab is mixing D2O and H2O to produce water of a specified isotopic composition. This Excel spreadsheet does the calculations for you.

Molecular ions. A simple table of the molecular masses of n-alkanes, ketones, alcohols, and fatty acids with varying chain lengths. A second table lists the stable isotope pattern expected for different numbers of carbon atoms. Nothing fancy, but I find it useful.

Web Links:

  • Fractionation Factors
    An online calculator for equilibrium fractionations of stable isotopes in a wide variety of (mainly condensed) phases.
  • GNIP
    Access the database of the Global Network of Isotopes in Precipitation program.
  • Hydrogen Isotope Standards
    Organic compounds for use as carbon- and hydrogen-isotopic standards in compound-specific isotope analyses, from my colleague Arndt Schimmelmann.
  • Isogeochem
    A listserver and website for all things related to stable isotopes in geochemistry.
  • Isotopes in Precipitation
    Calculate isotopic composition of precipitation over time intervals.
  • Lipid Analysis
    The web site of W. Christie, author of the "Lipid Analysis" bible. Lots of information about analytical methods, including a library of mass spectra.
  • McLane Research
    The manufacturer of submersible, in-situ pumps for filtering seawater at depth. We love 'em.
  • Paleomap
    Paleogeographic maps showing the configuration of the continents through geologic history.
  • The Prokaryotes
    An encyclopedic collection of microbiological information about all of the major Prokaryotic groups.
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