Deploying a Maclane in-situ pump in the northeastern Pacific

My research focuses on the isotopic patterns or ‘fingerprints' that life leaves in organic molecules. We both study the biogeochemical processes that produce such patterns, and also use them in rocks and sediments to interrogate a variety of questions in the Earth Sciences, from the history of life on Earth to its changing climate and modern marine carbon cycle. Students and postdocs working with me come from a variety of backgrounds, including geochemistry, environmental chemistry, oceanography, microbiology, and biochemistry. The common thread that unites all of these activities is that we develop and use specialized forms of mass spectrometry to very precisely measure variations in the abundance of naturally-occurring stable isotopes, including those of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur. The links at right provide examples of current research directions using those tools, but of course there are other collaborations and new directions that are not listed. If you are potentially interested in working in this field, please get in touch and I’m happy to provide details.

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