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If you don't know how to get to Caltech, there are good directions posted here. I am located in North Mudd room 108, which is building #23 on the map (above) in the southwestern corner of campus. My office is on the ground floor, directly across from the stairwell. If you are coming by car, you have three options. Option 1: curbside parking is free on California and Wilson, but hard to find after ~7:00am. Option 2: for a brief visit, you can park for up to 15 minutes in the traffic circle off of California directly behind Arms (building #25). Option 3: for a long visit, you can park indefinitely in one of the Caltech parking garages (for example, building #124 on the map). You'll have to pay a few dollars for a daily permit, available at the pay station in the garage.

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