Ruth Loisel
Administrative Assistant

Southern California Seismic Network

Graduate Students

Guillermo González M.
PhD Student for the National Autonomous University of Mexico
2020 Master in Earth Sciences MsC
2015 Undergraduate Degree in Physics

My interest area comprises techniques for automatic detection and location of regular earthquakes using different methods. They include Matched Filter (cross-correlations), Fingerprinting techniques and Artificial Intelligence. Catalogs are built, and used for measuring seismic activity in the study area and to get insights of other seismic and geological characteristics ( i.e. plate tectonic geometry, existence of active superficial faults, etc).

Yuri Tamama
PhD Student California Institute of Technology
2022 B.A. Princeton University

My research focuses on the lunar seismic data recorded by the Apollo 17 mission. I am working to understand the source of identified “moonquakes” and categorize their waveforms. This project is co-advised by Allen Husker and Jennifer Jackson, and in collaboration with Francesco Civilini.


Ettore Biondi
DAS Scientist

Ettore is interested in processing, imaging, and inversion techniques for seismic data. Back at Stanford, he developed methodologies for elastic and acoustic full-waveform inversion for active seismic surveys, remote sensing SAR back-projection algorithms, and ultrasound medical imaging. His current focus is on developing scalable procedures to be applied to distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) data for real-time processing and subsurface monitoring and imaging.

Former Postdocs and Students

Francesco Civilini
Research Space Scientist

Antef Nava Jiménez
Manager Internal Modelling, Banorte Financial Group

Jiuxun Yin
Research Geophysicist