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Date Speaker(s) Affiliation(s) Title(s)*
01/04/2011 Prof. Yuk Yung
Dr. Shuhui Wang
Dr. Sally Newman
AGU Fall Meeting 2010 Highlights
01/11/2011 Prof. In-Sik Kang Seoul National U MJO Modeling and Prediction
01/18/2011 Dr. Tara Kahan UC Irvine Interactions of trace gases with ice surfaces: Experimental and theoretical observations
01/24/2011 Prof. Frank H. Shu * Shaw Prize Winner in Astronomy 2009
* University Professor Emeritus, UCSD
* Distinguished Research Fellow, Academia Sinica
* Advisor to the Premier of Taiwan, Science and Technology Advisory Group
Climate Change and Energy Solutions

- Venue changed: Cahill Hameetman Auditorium, Caltech. Refreshment will be served in the patio at 11:30 am

01/25/2011 Dr. Therese Encrenaz LESIA, Paris Observatory Study of the Martian atmosphere using ground-based and space infrared spectroscopy

- 2nd YLY Seminar in the same week

02/01/2011 Dr. George H. H. Aumann JPL Global Cloud Feedback and the Greenhouse Effect
02/08/2011 Dr. Wolfgang Nitschke Laboratoire de Bioénergétique et Ingénierie des Protéines /CNRS, Marseille France Metals, enzymes and metalloenzymes in early life; evolutionary histories as deduced from molecular phylogeny

- Venue changed: 365 Salvatori Room, S. Mudd, Caltech.

02/15/2011 Dr. Joshua B. Fisher JPL, Water & Carbon Cycles Group Carbon, Hydrology And Nitrogen for Global Evaluation (CHANGE): Terrestrial Ecosystem Modeling at JPL
02/22/2011 Dr. Ian Eisenman Caltech Response of the sea ice seasonal cycle to climate change
03/01/2011 Dr. Sun Wong JPL Closing Global Atmospheric Water Vapor and Heat Budgets with Remote-Sensing and Reanalysis Data
03/08/2011 Dr. Daniel R. Feldman UC Berkeley Using Observing System Simulation Experiments to Guide the Next Generation of NASA Earth-Observing Satellite Instrumentation
03/15/2011 -- -- --- YLY trip to Hong Kong University ---
03/22/2011 -- -- --- YLY Mtg in Academia Sinica, Taiwan ---
03/29/2011 Dr. David A. Garofalo CSU Northridge Why the universe cares about black hole spin?
04/05/2011 Dr. Jennifer L. Benson JPL Water ice clouds and dust in the Martian atmosphere observed by Mars Climate Sounder
04/12/2011 -- -- --- YLY Conference in Hawaii ---
04/19/2011 Prof. Douglas G. MacMynowski Caltech Can we test geoengineering?
04/26/2011 Mr. Peter Gao
Mr. Zhihong Tan
Caltech * (Gao) The Stability of Large Moons Around Super-Earth Exoplanets * (Tan) Can Clouds Explain the Faint Young Sun Paradox?
05/03/2011 Dr. Jung-Eun Lee JPL Amazon drought: Are we responsible?
05/10/2011 Dr. Karl R. Stapelfeldt Caltech/JPL Cutting Against the Grain: Dust Properties from Scattered Light Images of Debris Disks

- Prof. Margaret Tolbert (CIRES) is going to give a seminar on Titan in Chemistry Dept at 4 pm.

05/17/2011 Dr. Zuoqiang Shi Caltech Adaptive Data Analysis via Sparse Time-Frequency Representation
05/24/2011 Dr. Jianjun Jin JPL On the Permeability of the Extratropical Tropopause
05/31/2011 Prof. Graeme L. Stephens U Colorado
JPL Climate Center
Clouds, Aerosol, Radiation and Rain - Insights Gained from Global Satellite Observations

- Venue changed (Salvatori Room 365 S Mudd)

06/07/2011 -- -- --- YLY visit in Wenzhou, China ---
06/14/2011 -- -- --- YLY Mtg in Academia Sinica, Taiwan ---
06/21/2011 Dr. Daniel R. Feldman UC Berkeley An overview of present and future space-based infrared spectral measurements
06/28/2011 Dr. Shengji Wei Caltech Shaking and flooding by the 2011 Mw9.0 Tohoku-Oki Earthquake and the superficial simplicity of the 2010 Mw7.2 El Mayor Cucapah Earthquake
07/05/2011 Dr. Claire Perigaud JPL Earth-Moon-Sun alignments influencing El Niños and water/air mass momentum

- Speaker changed.

07/12/2011 Dr. Keeyoon Sung JPL High resolution FT-IR spectroscopy of 14NH3 and 13CH4 to support (exo)planet and Titan studies

- Venue Changed (Salvatori Room 365 S Mudd)

07/19/2011 Dr. Lance E. Christensen JPL Measurement of Sulfur Isotope Compositions in SO2 and D/H Ratios in Water by Tunable Laser Spectroscopy

- First seminar of this week.

07/20/2011 Dr. Christopher Blaszczak-Boxe JPL Ozone and Climate Change: Knowns and Unknowns

- Special seminar to be delivered on 20th July (Wednesday) at 2 pm.

07/26/2011 Prof. Yiqin Gao Peking U Effects of spatial confinement and electrolytes on liquid water structure and dynamics-A preliminary study

- Date Changed

08/02/2011 Prof. Duane E. Waliser JPL The Madden-Julian Oscillation: Some Updates on Science, Forecasting and Impacts
08/09/2011 Dr. Eugene A. Ustinov JPL Adjoint approach to modeling and sensitivity analysis (SA) in radiative transfer
08/16/2011 Dr. Stojan M. Madzunkov JPL Formation of CO2, H2CO, CH3OH, HCOOH, and CH3CH2OH on an Icy Grain Analog Using Superthermal H and O Atoms
08/23/2011 Prof. Francisco Tapiador University of Castilla-La Mancha Remote Sensing of Precipitation for Climate Research
08/30/2011 Dr. Laura M. Barge JPL From Self-Assembling Inorganic Membranes to Pre-Biotic Chemistry: A Hydrothermal Origin-of-Life Model for Icy Moons
09/06/2011 Mr. Cheng Li
Mr. Joshua A. Kammer
Caltech * (Li) The Pacific-North American Teleconnection at Last Glacial Maximum; * (Kammer) Probing Titan’s Upper Atmosphere: Observations from Cassini UVIS
09/13/2011 -- -- -- YLY Mtg in Washington, DC --
09/20/2011 Dr. Jennifer D. Small JPL Regional and Global Analysis of the Effects of Aerosols on Cloud Properties and Precipitation Using a Multi-Satellite Approach
09/26/2011 Dr. Jack A. Kaye NASA Headquarter NASA Satellite Observations and Their Role in the Study of Global Change

- Date/Venue changed: Monday - Cahill Hameetman Auditorium, Caltech. Refreshment will be served at 11:40 am.

09/27/2011 Prof. Yongyun Hu Peking U Climate over tidal-locking terrestrial exoplanets

- 2nd YLY seminar in the same week

10/04/2011 Prof. Volker Michel University of Siegen, Germany Localized Basis Functions for Tomographic Problems in Geophysics and Elsewhere
10/11/2011 -- -- -- YLY vacation in Italy --
10/18/2011 Prof. Edmund Kar-Man Chang Stony Brook Storm track climatology and variability -- Do Climate models get them right?
10/21/2011 Dr. Franklin P. Mills Australian Natl U Update on the Characterisation of Aerosols over Australia and New Zealand and Their Effects on Surface UV Radiation
10/24/2011 Mr. Tyler Robinson U Washington Understanding the Pale Blue Dot: From Galileo to EPOXI

- First seminar of this week

10/25/2011 Dr. Eric Kort Caltech Pole to pole observations of greenhouse gases: surprises in methane and nitrous oxide

- (1) Prof. Yung's trip to Italy -- http://yly-mac.gps.caltech.edu/Caltech/pict11/milan%202011/. (2) Congratulations to Prof. Yung's former student Zhiming Kuang -- http://www.seas.harvard.edu/news-events/press-releases/zhiming-kuang-wins-meisinger-award-from-the-american-meteorological-society

11/01/2011 Dr. Jonathan H. Jiang JPL From Aura MLS to IPCC AR5: A Path to Model Evaluation using Satellite Observations
11/08/2011 -- -- -- YLY in Washington, DC --
11/15/2011 Ms. Ivria J. Doloboff NASA USRP Characterizing Membrane Electrochemistry in Laboratory Simulated Hydrothermal Systems
11/22/2011 Dr. Kevin W Bowman JPL Observational constraint on climate forcing
11/29/2011 YLY Group Caltech AGU Practice

- There will be a special seminar on Friday.

12/02/2011 Dr. Rachel L. Smith Caltech Near-Infrared Observations Toward Protostars as Proxies for Solar System Chemical Evolution

- Date Changed -- Friday --

12/06/2011 -- -- -- AGU Fall Meeting 2011 in San Francisco --
12/13/2011 Dr. Jean-Michel Désert Harvard-Smithsonian From Kepler statistics to individual characterization of exoplanets
12/20/2011 -- -- -- Christmas and New Year Celebrations --
12/27/2011 -- -- -- Christmas and New Year Celebrations --

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