YLY Seminar

S Mudd

Last Modified: Jun 10 2024 (Monday) UTC 11:31 PM

Date Speaker(s) Affiliation(s) Title(s)*
01/03/2024 No Speaker -- --
01/10/2024 Sihe Chen Caltech ExoCubed: A Riemann-Solver based Cubed-Sphere Dynamic Core for Planetary Atmospheres
01/17/2024 Dr. Liyin He Carnegie Science Empowering Ecology with Geoinformatics: Unraveling Carbon-Air-Water Nexus to Inform Climate Adaptation
01/24/2024 Dr. Peng Han LMD A brief introduction of Venus PCM
01/31/2024 Dr. Shitaro Kadoya Tokyo Institute of Technology Generality and diversity of snowball events implied by geochemical cycles

- In person

02/07/2024 Dr. Hyman Hartman MIT The origin and evolution of metabolism
02/14/2024 Dr. Hyman Hartman MIT TBD
02/21/2024 Dr. Hyman Hartman MIT Origin of the Genetic Code Is Found at the Transition between a Thioester World of Peptides and the Phosphoester World of Polynucleotides
02/28/2024 Dr. Sara Vannah (she/her) Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER) Information Theory and the Search for Life in the Universe

- Want to meet Stuart and Heather

03/06/2024 No speaker found

- No speaker found

03/13/2024 Prof. Kenneth Peters (he/him) Department of Geological Sciences, Stanford University Curiosity Rover C13-Depleted Pyrolytic Methane From Contaminated Gale Crater Sediment Cores, Mars

- In person

05/01/2024 Mr. Linfeng Li University of Michigan Modeling the Atmospheric Circulation of a Lava Planet
05/08/2024 Mr. Daniel Graves Caltech Review: Almost 20 Years Searching for a Shadow Biosphere
05/15/2024 Mr. Ali Hyder New Mexico State University Exploring Jovian Vortex Crystals: Insights from Hydrodynamic Modeling and Moist Convection
05/22/2024 Dr. Jeehyun Yang JPL Automated chemical reaction network generation and its application to exoplanet atmospheres
05/29/2024 Dr. Hao Fu University of Chicago Boiling stratified flow: a laboratory analogy for atmospheric moist convection
06/05/2024 Mr. Aidi Zhang University of California, Berkeley Three-Dimensional Vortex Families Consistent with Jovian Observations Including the Great Red Spot
06/12/2024 Dr. Juan PĂ©rez-Mercader Harvard University Life Beyond Biochemistry: Making Bio-chemistry Free Life in the Laboratory
06/19/2024 Dr. Jonathan Jiang JPL The Dream of Asian American Scientists and Engineers
06/26/2024 Dr. Ashley Schoenfeld JPL TBD
07/17/2024 Dr. Aoshuang Ji Penn State University A Correlated-K Parameterization for O2 Photolysis in the Schumann-Runge Bands
07/24/2024 Dr. Michael Wong Carnegie Institute TBD



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