Zhan Su

Manuscripts in Progress

[18] Su, Z., et al. 2019. Dynamics of ocean gyres: the effect of topography and the response to wind variability

[17] Su, Z., et al. 2019. Explaining the trend of Antarctic sea-ice over the past three decades

[16] Su, Z., et al. 2019. Submesoscale Vertical Velocity in the World Ocean

Peer-reviewed Publications

[15] Su, Z., et al. 2019. High-frequency motions globally enhance ocean heat fluxes at submesoscale fronts. Revised

[14] Yu, X., A. Naveira Garabato, A. Martin, D. Evans and Z. Su, 2019. Wind-forced symmetric instability at a transient mid-ocean front. Geophysical Research Letters, 46, 11,281–11,291 [link] [pdf]

[13] Klein, P., G. Lapeyre, L. Siegelman, B. Qiu, H. Torres, Z. Su, D. Menemenlis, S. Le Gentil, 2019. Ocean-Scale Interactions from Space. Invited review paper in Earth and Space Science, 6, 795-817. AGU  [link] [pdf]

[12] Yu, X., A. Naveira Garabato, A. Martin, C. Buckingham, L. Brannigan and Z. Su, 2019. An Annual Cycle of Submesoscale Vertical Flow and Restratification in the Upper Ocean. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 49, 1439–1461. AMS [link] [pdf]

[11] Torres, H., P. Klein, D. Menemenlis, B. Qiu, Z. Su, J. Wang, S. Chen, and L. Fu, 2018. Partitioning Ocean Motions Into Balanced Motions and Internal Gravity Waves: A Modeling Study in Anticipation of Future Space Missions, Journal of Geophysical Research, 123, 8084–8105. AGU [link] [pdf]

[10] Wang, X., A. Cohen, V. Luu, H. Ren, Z. Su, G. Haug and D. Sigman, 2018. Natural forcing of the North Atlantic nitrogen cycle in the Anthropocene, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), 115, 10606-10611 [link] [pdf

• News coverage: Princeton News, Science Daily, Phys.org, MSN.com, Earth.com, Tech Explorist, San Francisco Chronicle, EurekAlert! Science News, Geolounge, The University Network

[9] Su, Z., J. Wang, P. Klein, A.F. Thompson and D. Menemenlis, 2018. Ocean submesoscales as a key component of the global heat budget. Nature Communications, 9, 775.  [link] [pdf]

• News coverage: NASA/JPL, NASA/SWOT team, Oceanbites.org

[8] Su, Z., 2017. Preconditioning of Antarctic maximum sea-ice extent by upper-ocean stratification on a seasonal timescale. Geophysical Research Letters, 44, 6307–6315. AGU  [link] [pdf]

[7] Su, Z., Y.L. Yung, R.-L. Shia and C.E. Miller, 2017. Assessing Accuracy and Precision for the Space-Based Measurements of Carbon Dioxide: an Associated Statistical Methodology Revisited. Earth and Space Science, 4,147–161. AGU [link] [pdf]

[6] Su, Z. and A.P. Ingersoll, 2016. On the Minimum Potential Energy State and the eddy-size-constrained APE Density. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 46, 2663–2674. AMS   [link] [pdf]

[5] Su, Z., A.P. Ingersoll and F. He, 2016. On the abruptness of Bølling–Allerød warming. Journal of Climate, 29, 4965–4975. AMS   [link] [pdf]

• News coverage: Wikipedia

[4] Su, Z., A.P. Ingersoll, A.L. Stewart and A.F. Thompson, 2016b. Ocean Convective Available Potential Energy. Part II: Energetics of Thermobaric Convection and Thermobaric Cabbeling. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 46, 1097–1115. AMS   [link] [pdf]

[3] Su, Z., A.P. Ingersoll, A.L. Stewart and A.F. Thompson, 2016a. Ocean Convective Available Potential Energy. Part I: Concept and Calculation. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 46, 1081–1096. AMS   [link] [pdf]

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[1] Su, Z., A.L. Stewart and A.F. Thompson, 2014. An idealized model of Weddell Gyre export variability. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 44, 1671-1688. AMS   [link] [pdf]



The turbulent ocean (sea surface speed from ECCO2)

Multi-scale ocean eddies (surface vorticity, see paper, figure, movie and movie. animation by Zhan Su)

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