Zachary K Erickson

About Me

I am a fifth year graduate student in Environmental Science and Engineering (ESE) at Caltech. My research is motivated by a desire to better understand and constrain the marine biological carbon cycle. I am broadly interested in how the physics of oceanic fluid dynamics affects primary productivity, with a focus on mesoscale and submesoscale dynamics. I primarily use in situ measurements from Seagliders, remote sensing from airplanes and satellites, and high-resolution numerical models.

In addition to academic research, I am also interested in science policy — how scientific results affect policy decisions and, conversely, how policy decisions affect science. My personal interest stems largely from environmental policy. I am the past President of SEPAC (Science & Engineering Policy At Caltech), a student-led club that serves to educate the Caltech student body on science policy issues by hosting discussions and talks on a variety of topics, and remain involved in planning activities and leading science policy discussions.

In my other life, I am a musician. I primarily play collaborative piano with a variety of people at Caltech and in the Pasadena area.

I am a self-taught programmer. I am proficient in MATLAB and Python, and have experience in C++, Perl, and HTML.

This page last modified: November 2017