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Latest News

Jan 2014
I have moved to the Institut de Physique du Globe in Strasbourg! My webpage is now: wphase.unistra.fr/zacharie. Please update your links!

May 2013
Our paper on using centroid time-delays to characterize source durations and identify earthquakes with unique characteristics has been accepted for publication in EPSL. See the publications page.

April 2013
Our paper on the December 7, 2012 Japan Trench intraplate doublet (Mw 7.2, 7.1) has been accepted for publication in PEPI. See the publications page.

March 2013
Our paper on extracting seismic core phases with array interferometry has been accepted for publication in GRL. See the publications page.

December 2012
My research at AGU fall meeting 2012:

Z. Duputel, H. Kanamori, V.C. Tsai, L. Rivera, L. Meng, J.-P. Ampuero and J. Stock, The Sumatra great earthquake sequence of 11 April 2012: Evidence of rupture onto multiple subfaults, Oral session S43H-03, 2:10PM, Thursday, Dec. 6, 307 (Moscone South)

L. Rivera; Z. Duputel; H. Kanamori, Toward rapid determination of the source finiteness of large earthquakes, Oral session S43H-03, 1:55PM, Thursday, Dec. 6, 307 (Moscone South)

L. Meng; J. P. Ampuero; J. M. Stock; Z. Duputel; Y. Luo; V. C. Tsai, An earthquake in a maze: compressional rupture branching during the 11 April 2012 M8.6 off-Sumatra earthquake, Oral session S13B-04, 2:25PM, Monday, Dec. 3, 307 (Moscone South)

November 2012
My Ph.D. work received the 2012 special Google Award as part of the "Le Monde" Prize for University Research. More details about this award are available here.

July 2012
Our papers on the 2012 Sumatra earthquake sequence have been accepted for publication in EPSL and Science. See the publications page.

April 2012
Our paper on Error estimations for seismic source inversions has now been accepted in GJI. See the publications page.

March 2012
My work received the "Prix de Thèse 2012" from the University of Strasbourg (award for outstanding doctoral thesis research). My thesis manuscript is available online here.

Feb 2012
Our paper on W-phase fast source inversion for moderate to large earhquakes has now been accepted in GJI. See the publications page.

Jan 2012
I moved to Caltech for a post-doctoral position in the Seismological Laboratory!

December 2011
Research related to W phase at AGU fall meeting 2011:

L. Rivera, H. Kanamori and Z. Duputel., W phase source inversion using the high-rate regional GPS data of the 2011 Tohoku-oki earthquake, Oral session G33C, 2.25 PM, Wednesday Dec. 7, Room 3024 (Moscone West).

Z. Duputel, L. Rivera, Y. Fukahata and H. Kanamori., Uncertainty estimations for seismic source inversions, Poster session S43C, 1.40 PM, Thursday Dec. 8, Halls A-C (Moscone South).

November 2011
PhD defense. Thesis committee:

   M. Campillo Université Joseph Fourier Rapporteur
   P. Bernard Institut de Physique du Globe de ParisRapporteur
   J.J. Lévêque   Université de StrasbourgRapporteur
   H. Hebert Laboratoire de Détection et de GéophysiqueExaminateur
   M. Simons California Institute of Technology Examinateur
   H. Kanamori California Institute of Technology Invited
   L. Rivera Université de Strasbourg Thesis advisor

May 2011
Our paper on the recent Mw9.0 Tohoku-oki earthquake has now been accepted in EPS. See the publications page.

Mar 2011
2011 Tohoku-oki earthquake: W-phase source inversion results are available online at http://eost.u-strasbg.fr/wphase/events/tohoku_oki_2011.

Oct 2010
I'm in Mexico City at the Geophisical institute of UNAM to install a real time implementation of the W-phase algorithm at a regional scale.

Apr 2010
The W-phase source inversion algorithm proved successful real-time operation for the recent Chilean event (Mw8.8). W-Phase solutions coming from different agencies have been presented at the 2010 SSA Annual Meeting.

Jan 2010
Happy New Year!!! Our paper on Near-surface Rayleigh waves has now been accepted in Geophysics. See the publications page.

Dec 2009
I'm in Hawai'i (Oahu) to install a real time implementation of W-phase inversion at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC). The PTWC is the tsunami warning center for Pacific, Indian Ocean, Caribbean Sea, South China Sea, western and eastern coasts of US mainland and Canada.

Dec 2009
New results coming from Mt Ruapehu, New Zealand are now published (see publications page).

Dec 2008
Our paper on the real-time monitoring of velocity changes at the Piton de la Fournaise volcano, La Réunion, is now published in JVGR (a reprint is available from my publications page).




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