I'm a research scientist at the California Institute of Technology, working at both campus and Jet Propulsion Lab. My research centers at the understanding of the human impacts on weather systems and climate. Specifically, I conduct research related to aerosol-cloud-precipitation interactions and their climatic implications, aerosol properties and haze formation, cloud microphysics and dynamics, and the assessment of the greenhouse gas/aerosol forcings on the atmosphere, ocean, and cryosphere. I develop and use hierarchical/multiscale weather and climate models in combination with space-borne and in situ measurements to address those scientific questions. I work closely with satellite teams at JPL to improve current aerosol and cloud retrievals and to design future missions.

Dr. Yuan Wang

As an important greenhouse gas, water vapor has great potential to modulate global climate by altering the infrared opacity of the atmosphere. Wang et al. [2017, Clim. Dyns.] assess the interactions between stratospheric water vapor and surface temperature using satellite observations and the coupled CESM.

Our recent review paper [Fan et al., 2016, JAS] focuses on recent theoretical studies and important mechanisms on aerosol-cloud interactions, reviews the significances of aerosol impacts on radiative forcing and precipitation extremes associated with various cloud systems, and discusses the future directions in this field.


To reconcile the influence of aerosols and greenhouse gases on precipitation extremes, Wang et al. [2016, JGR] implemented an in-situ diagnostics of precipitation PDF in CAM5 and a series of simulations suggest aerosols primarily account for the light precipitation suppression in Eastern China.

Wang et al. [2018, J. Clim.] employs a state-of-the-art fully coupled climate model to explore effects of man-made aerosols on historical and future variations of the Arctic sea ice in comparison with the GHG forcing. Aerosol-induced cloud forcing and subsequent feedback processes are found critical.


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