Chunquan Yu
SeismoLab, California Institute of Technology


1. "CrazySeismic"

Related publication:

Yu, C.Q., Zheng, Y.C., Shang, X.F., Crazyseismic: A MATLAB GUI-based software package for passive seismic data preprocessing, Seismol. Res. Lett., 88(2A), 410-415, doi: 10.1785/0220160207.

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What is "CrazySeismic"?

"CrazySeismic" is a MATLAB-GUI based software package for passive seismic data preprocessing. It provides an interactive graphic user interface for researchers to easily and efficiently process large-volume seismic data while facilitating data quality control. There are three key features that make it distinct from other seismic processing software:

Simplicity - All functions of Crazyseismic are unified into one graphic user interface

Efficiency - Hundreds of seismograms at a time + mouse click + hot keys

Extensibility - Open source software

What can "CrazySeismic" do?

"Crazyseismic" is designed to be universally applicable to all major body-wave phases in seismology. It is mainly used for seismic data selection and phase arrival time picking. But it can also be used for principle component analysis and source deconvolution. It can handle either single-component or two-component seismic traces. Currently,"CrazySeismic" has two sub-packages: "CrazySeismic_Pick" and "CrazySeismic_Decon"


"CrazySeismic_Pick" is designed to process single-component (e.g. Z/N/E/R/T) seismic array data. It can do

i) Phase arrival time picking

ii) Data selection

iii) Multi-channel cross correlation

iv) Principle component analysis or stacking


"CrazySeismic_Decon" is more advanced than "CrazySeismic_Pick". It is densiged to process two-component seismic array data. Besides all functions in "Crazyseismic_Pick", it can also do

v) Deconvolution of one component from the other


"CrazySeismic_Pick" snapshot

"CrazySeismic_Decon" snapshot

2. CrazyTremor

Related publication:

Chao, K., Yu, C.Q., A MATLAB GUI-based Package for Examining Triggered Tremor: A Case Study in New Zealand (2018), Seismol. Res. Lett. (In revision)

You can download the software here

What is "CrazyTremor"?

"CrazyTremor" is a MATLAB-GUI based software for processing triggered and ambient tremors. It can do

i) Multi-channel display

ii) Data selection, grouping, quality control

iii) Arrival time picking

iv) Event locating

"CrazyTremor" snapshot 1

"CrazyTremor" snapshot 2