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Current opportunities in the Fischer Group.

Postdoctoral Scholars and Graduate students: Caltech is an exciting place to study geobiology, and the there is a large dynamic community of graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and visiting researchers that make for a uniquely collaborative academic environment. In addition to us, there are a number of other groups studying a wide range of problems in geobiology [Grotzinger, Kirschvink, Newman, Orphan, Sessions, Leadbetter, Adkins].

Undergraduates: There are opportunities for undergraduates to work in the Fischer Group throughout the academic year; there are also excellent summer research opportunities through the Caltech SURF program.

High school students: We often have opportunities for high school students to do interships in our group both during the summer and throughout the academic year, paticularly in microscopy and sample preparation. These activities can be a nice way to get early experience doing scientific research.

* Interested individuals should send a brief statement of background and interest.