Production of O(1D) from photolysis of O3.

H.A. Michelsen, R.J. Salawitch, P.O. Wennberg, and J.G. Anderson.

Geophys. Res. Lett., 21, 2227-2230, 1994.


We have used a model accounting for absorption by vibrationally and rotationally excited ozone (O3) to examine published measurements of the quantum yield of O (1D) and O2 (1D g) from O3 photolysis in the Huggins band (305-325 nm). We conclude that the quantum yield of O (1D) is 0.2-0.3 for wavelengths between 312 and 320 nm at 298 K; in contrast, the JPL recommendation quantum yield of O (1D) is negligible in this wavelength region. We present a compilation of our results at temperatures and wavelengths relevant to atmospheric calculations. Production of O(1D) from excited O3 increases calculated concentrations of O (1D) by up to 40% and OH by 15% for the troposphere and lower stratosphere.