Ulyana Dyudina

I am an associate scientist at Space Science Institute.

Background and research

CV Publications

Current research - Learning about Saturn from fresh Cassini ISS images.
  • Other projects - Lightning storms on Saturn (Icarus paper) Reflected lightcurves of extrasolar Jupiters and Saturns (ApJ paper) Modeled images of Saturn with ringshine Cassini lightning on Jupiter (Icarus paper) modeling lightning on Jupiter. Paper periodicities in Io atmosphere and Io Plasma Torus
  • cloud distribution on Jupiter from Galileo orbiter images Paper (PDF 1M)

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    My coordinates:
    Lon.: -118.25 Lat.: 34.1
    150-21 Caltech, Pasadena, CA, 91125, USA
    +1(626)395-3688 (office) +1(626)585-1917(fax)