Current Research Activities

Seismic Cycle

Observations and models of coseismic, postseismic, interseismic, and long term deformation processes


Glacier flow, variability at different timescales (e.g., seasonal and tidal periods), basal mechanics, ice rheology

Geodetic Science

Development and application of InSAR and GNSS analysis techniques, including strain maps, time series analysis, transient detection, noise reduction, and open software development.

Geophysical Inverse Problems

Bayesian approaches to geophysical inverse problems, use of sparsity-inducing approaches and multi-scale field analysis.

The Advanced Rapid Imaging and Analysis (ARIA) Project

A joint Caltech / JPL project to provide state-of-the-art geodetic products and derived geophysical models for both science and emergency response communities, while emphasizing speed, automation and technical rigor. >>


A dedicated L-band radar satellite for studying hazards and global environmental change. On the science definition team, I serve as the solid earth science co-lead, with focus on the seismic cycle, glaciology and hazard response. >>