Mark Simons, Associate Professor of Geophysics Mark Simons - Viewed from Avachinsky - Koryakskya Volcano in Kamchatka Mark Simons - Viewed from Avachinsky - Koryakskya Volcano in Kamchatka


By combining observations sampling a range of time and length scales with geodynamic models, we aim to understand the spatial and temporal variations of deformation at the boundaries of the tectonic plates. We are interested in the relationship between processes associated with the earthquake cycle, and long-lived geologic structures. Observationally, we rely primarily on the use of satellite-based interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) and GPS, as well as gravity, topography, seismology, geochronology and geology. Field locations we have focused on include the central Andes, Iceland, Japan, Taiwan, Tibet and the western United States. Besides investigating models of lithospheric dynamics, we also use geodesy to detect magma migration in the subsurface and use these observations to constrain our models of the magma plumbing system in active volcanoes.

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