Postdoctoral Scholar, Caltech

Somewhere, something incredible  is waiting to be known.
Carl Sagan

About ME:

I am currently a Postdoctoral Scholar at the California Institute of Technology, and a former Sagan Postdoctoral Fellow at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Pasadena, CA. I am an observational astronomer working primarily on time domain astronomy, in the optical and IR.

Research Interests:

Exoplanets, brown dwarfs, binary stars; the beaming effect (Doppler boosting), orbital phase curves; time series astronomy, variable stars; binary white dwarfs, X-ray binaries.

upcoming and Recent Activities:

  • Paper submitted, "Three statistically validated K2 transiting warm Jupiter exoplanets confirmed as low-mass stars", August 2017
  • Visiting NASA Ames Research Center, July 2017
  • Paper submitted, "Two new K2 transiting warm Jupiters", June 2017
  • Kepler & K2 Science Conference IV, Talk+Poster, NASA Ames, June 2017
  • Bay Area Exoplanets Meeting, Talk, June 2017
  • Phase curves Invited Review paper published, May 2017
  • TESS Science Team meeting, MIT, May 2017
  • JPL Astrophysics Seminar speaker, May 2017
  • Visiting LCO, April 2017
  • Visiting MIT, April 2017
  • Visiting George Mason University, March 2017


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