As a graduate student, I worked with Prof. Paul Wennberg at Caltech. My research focused on column measurements of carbon dioxide and methane.

Column measurements (defined as the vertical integral of gas concentration) of greenhouse gases can complement the existing in situ measurement network. Because column measurements sample a larger portion of the atmosphere, they exhibit less variability than surface data, while retaining information about surface fluxes. Column measurements are not influenced by planetary boundary layer dynamics, and do not suffer from the resulting correlation between exchange and transport.

At Caltech, I worked with collaborators to develop an automated observatory for measuring ground-based column abundances of CO2, CH4, and O2. I assembled the first observatory in Pasadena, California and then shipped it to northern Wisconsin during May 2004. This is the first dedicated site in the Total Carbon Column Observing Network (TCCON).

Link to thesis: Column Abundances of Carbon Dioxide and Methane Retrieved From Ground-Based Near-Infrared Solar Spectra

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