Crazy Phone Messages About Pluto

 For years now I have been getting rude phone messages from people angry about the demotion of Pluto. Usually I would just chuckle and press delete. Very recently, though, I have taken up something new and much more interesting. With the magic of Google Voice I can much more easily download and post these messages for your amusement. And, as an added bonus, I get a transcription, which rarely does the message justice, but provides an entirely separate level of amusement. Here, now, for your approval: crazy hate messages from wacky people.

Phone: +15027592886
Location: Louisville, KY
Time: 9/20/10 1:15 AM (on a Sunday night!?)
Google Voice Transcript: We'll look for For the plans are for it or use Elvis, hey letting please. Forwarding cock sucking. Okay bye.
Warning: Quite offensive

Phone: unknown
Location: unknown
Time: 9/15/10 4:11 PM
Google Voice Transcript: Hey, we're still on 20 jackass.