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Q: Are you registered?

We're glad you asked. But before we answer, a little story is in order.

Back in the early engagement days, when the discussion of registering came up, one of us was appalled at the general idea and instead suggested that we should have reverse presents: anyone coming to the wedding has to take something from one of the boxes that is filling our garage (this is when happens when two 30-something year olds with full households move in together). But he came around when someone dangled in front of his face a catalog with an absurdly expensive espresso machine. "OK" he thought, "I can see the point of registering."

In a classic bait and switch move, however, he was shocked to find himself with his bride-to-be at Macy's, where they do not have such espresso machines and instead have things like China and crystal and flatwear.

Nonetheless, he was convinced to register there when he actually started longing for a particular set of salad plates. So they took the entire plunge and now you can read all about it at the Macy's site. UPDATE: It only gets worse. Because, you see, many registries are now linked on-line through one central service. Fabulous. See you can now see ALL the places we're registered.

Needless to say, they have more work to do. As you can see, there is nary an espresso maker in sight. However, if you are looking for that perfect little $800 something, feel free to puruse the espresso maker site above.....
Oops. Too late. We just got an espresso machine for an engagement gift. No, not that one.