You have four general types of options in the Pasadena area

1) Nice, moderately priced, and in an interesting neighborhood. We would recommend the Courtyard by Mariott in Old Town Pasadena for this category. We are shocked to tell you that their weekend rate is only $79/night (though add ~$10/day parking). It is possible that this rate is only available on their website, so be sure to check there. Within walking distance of Starbucks. Oh wait. That's true of every hotel in America. But the Courtyard is within walking distance of most of the nice restaurants in town, And things like the Norton Simon Museum. Oh and go to breakfast Saturday morning at Marston's . If you don't mind waiting 30 minutes to be seated. Which you shouldn't. Be sure to order the French toast. A 10 minute drive to the wedding site, 10 minute drive to Mike & Diane's house, 5 minute drive to the rehearsal dinner site.

2) Moderately cheap, extremely close to wedding site. The Vagabond Inn is about a 15 minute walk to the wedding site, and, has rooms for $57.80 (free parking). It is not much to write home about, and it is situated on a busy uninteresting street (except, of course, for the proximity of Zankou Chicken , which is to die for, though the bride says that anyone eating the Zankou garlic paste [excellent on shawerma] on Friday or Saturday will not be allowed into the wedding). A 2 minute drive to wedding site. 5 minute drive to Mike & Diane's. 8 minute drive to rehearsal dinner site.

3) Moderately nice, progressively further. There is a seemingly infinite number of hotels along Colorado in Pasadena. Any of these would be fine, clean, safe, but likely dull. ~10 minutes from wedding site, 5 from Mike & Diane's, ~15 minutes from rehearsal dinner. The lower the address # along Colorado, the closer to everything going on. Prices around $55-$65 can be found.

4) We would be remiss in our recommending duties to not mention the Ritz-Carlton Huntington Hotel and Spa . Sure, it will cost you $235/night, but we think you're worth it. 7 minutes to wedding site. 15 minutes to Mike & Diane's. 5 minutes to rehearsal dinner. Be sure to get the full massage package. And get one for us, too.