Q: Am I a participant?

We're glad you asked. Here is the official definition, for Mike and Diane's Fabulous Wedding (MDFW), of what makes you a participant.
  • First, ask yourself the question "Will I be standing throughout the ceremony?" If the answer to this question is yes, you are either a participant or a photographer. If you are not being paid to be at the wedding, it is likely that you are not the photographer, so you are a participant. Note: You should probably not be taking pictures.
  • Next, ask yourself, "Do I have a role in the ceremony?" If the answer is yes, and, again, you are not the photographer, you might be a participant, but only if the ceremonial role was actually conferred upon you by the bride or groom or their authorized representatives. You might find it interesting to note that while simply taking a role in the ceremony does indeed mean you have participated in the wedding, it does not neccessarily make you a participant in the MDFW definition. For example, standing up to scream objections to the joining together of Mike and Diane in wedded bliss would indeed be a participatory activity, but, really, we would not feel obligated to call such a person a participant. Such a person would not, for example, be expected (or, actually, even welcome) at the rehearal or dinner.
  • In some ways it is a little easier to simply list the participants and their roles. If your name is not on the list below, well, it is hard to really call you a participant, though we appreciate your interest. We promise to include you in our next wedding.

    Are you one of these people?
    Bride Diane Binney
    Groom Mike Brown
    Officiant Lee Silver
    Maid of honor Linda Foster
    Best man Mark Fiedler
    Bridesmaid Carrie Binney
    Bridesmaid Lauren Foster
    Bridesmaid Cammy Thornton
    Groomsman Andy Brown
    Groomsman John Binney
    Flower girl Janna Wold Wennberg
    Flower girl Brianna Foster
    Ring bearer Thomas Thornton
    Reader Cheryl Wold
    Reader Jess Adkins
    Good cat Ike
    Bad cat Patton