Diane and Mike's Fabulous Wedding Page

don't they look happy?

Diane ( in pink) and Mike (in white), two days post-engagement, east side of Cozumel (in the Caribbean).

Mike and Diane's wedding was 6569 days ago

Date: March 1st, 2003
Time: 6pm
Place: The Atheneum, Pasadena, California.

Here is Everything You Need To Know

Schedule of events

  • Friday, February 28th
    4:00pm: Wedding rehearsal for participants
    6:00pm?: Rehearsal dinner for participants and out-of-town guests at a secure undisclosed (a.k.a. i haven't figured out where yet) location.
  • Saturday, March 1st
    morning and afternoon activites TBD
    6:00pm: Wedding, Atheneum
  • Sunday, March 2nd
    9:00-12:00: Brunch for out-of-town guests at the home of Diane and Mike.