Ge 194: Roving on the Moon

Fall 2011

9 units

Instructor: Mike Brown

In this class we will develop, design, and build a fully functioning prototype lunar rover capable of fulfilling the requirements of the Google Lunar X PRIZE, which are to "explore the Moon by moving at least 500 meters (~1/3 of a mile), and return high definition video and imagery."  We will focus on a minimum mass and minimum complexity solution to the problem. A successful design of this type has a chance of being incorporated into the lunar mission of Team FREDNET, an open source competitor for the Google Lunar X Prize.


Over the quarter will accomplish the following:

Building of the rover will be aided by the collaboration of Honeybee Robotics in Pasadena, and, when appropriate, the class will meet at their engineering facilities.

The class will meet for a single 3 hour session once per week either on campus or at the Honeybee facility, depending on the current activities.

The class is open to graduate students and advanced undergraduate students with backgrounds such as planetary science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or computer science. Enrollment is extremely limited and by permission of instructor only. Please contact Mike Brown,